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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
true, but that would add unnecessary costs to the equation... FAC licenses cost upwards of 200 bucks alot of the time in canada... so that would kinda suck... unless they made one specifically for airsoft that you could get at 18 for not much money, but odds are that it wouldnt be cheap, because the government likes to fuck us over and squeeze every dollar out of us.

i mean, dont get me wrong, if your getting into airsoft, you gotta be use to spending money, but an extra couple hundred bucks for a peice of paper/plastic would really be a pain in the ass/wallet
But you do realise that if such a license for Airsoft guns were to exist then they would not longer be in a grey area of the law. They'd be in black and white and we'd no longer have to pay double the prices for our guns. It's a trade off the way I see it. One that very much would benefit us.

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