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I've been considering it for a long time now.

I have a 25degree vision(I don't know if that is 45/20 or 25/20 or 25/25 because the optometrist just said "25degrees"), and nowadays I see great disadvantage in having lower vision playing woodland games, especially when the other players are wearing camouflages.

The doctor did not recommend me wear any glasses since I only have 25 degrees, but I see great advantage in seeing the scene with more sharper vision(I seriously can't live with 4 eyed monsters at night. No really, that's what people look like to me from afar.)

Another problem is that Aimpoints look blurry to me and that's another disadvantage.

Should I get glasses? And if I do, are there Larger polycarbonate lenses that can cover most of my eye for protection during games(or a glasses - compatible goggle)?

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