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Originally Posted by jamesaddiction View Post
Ok, I agree that his prices are definitely less than A&A, but when compared to WGC, he is way overpriced. I already have the M16, but I did the math when ordering a $85 USD sniper rifle. The total for the gun should come around to $190 CAD + $50 shipping. I can't determine the amount he wants for profit, but in the end, the total for the gun should be around $250. What I am trying to say is that if he decided to make less profit off each gun, more people would want to buy from overseas. He might even end up making MORE money that way. Its a matter of supply and demand. But what do I know! lol
Ok I'll try to explain it as nicely as possible. When you import these guns LEGALLY there are allot of fees and paperwork that must be done. Brokerage fees, taxes on the items, shipping costs, etc and the cost just keeps going up. Trust us when we say that the prices he charges are pretty much the bare minimum. Did I forget anything?
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