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Originally Posted by Omi-san View Post
But now that some paintball markers are getting close to being replicas (at least without the tank), I wonder if that could help Airsoft.
Not really, those tactical markers aren't the foundation of paintball. If it comes right down to it, they'd just give up on that particular direction of development, again.

Interesting note, many airsoft guns are illegally acquired (can't transfer replicas between individuals) but beyond that all are basically completely legally owned (no licences for replicas, replicas exempt from prosecution for just having it). On the other hand, the majority of paintball markers acquired and/or owned by individuals under 18 and without a PAL are in fact illegal, because a standard 3.2g paintball fired at a standard field limit of 280fps well exceeds 5.7J of muzzle velocity (in fact, most are perfectly capable of going beyond that), making those paintball markers technically firearms. Something else to think about the next time you share the field with paintballers.

At the end of the day, our predicament is a matter of who's interpreting what part of the law they're responsible for. Paintball's bipolar approach to realistic appearance is not so much hypocracy as an internal fight over how to keep off the PC radar.
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