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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
... but i guess thats what happens when you dont have the proper licenses :P ...
The problem here in Canada is the only way you can legally sell a 'replica' (as airsoft is currently classified) is as a firearms dealer, to customers with PALs. Not much of a market in that I'm afraid, unless we all go and get ours and lobby the Wolverines and Shooting Edges out there to carry.

Theres really nothing can do but what they are doing if they intend to remain operational. The reason some shops manage for periods of time is really just by being low profile, staying off the radar, not through any legal licensing.

Hopefully one day our hobby will be granted a special paintball/sport status, but quite frankly I just don't see it with the realism. It freaks people out. We'll likely continue to survive on the fringe as we have on a hand to mouth supply of new guns.
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