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What's involved in getting a PAL? (I don't personally know anyone who has one, so I figure the best bet to get useful [read: real, and well... useful] information on this is to ask those of you who have one)

What's the cost? Length of course/test, what's involved in said course/test, and where would I go? (Hypothetically. I don't think I'm about to run out to get one anytime soon, but it's good to know, especially in light of where the sport could go in the future, and the contents of this thread) And in the future I wouldn't mind being able to go to the range and kill a day/target(x2...00, there's a range not far from Elmira)

And what theories do you have regarding a possible Airsoft PAL (essentially the same questions as above, but in relation to Airsoft), realistically, knowing what you know of the sport, gov't, and current PAL rules. What would work? What wouldn't? What would help, what... well... you get the idea...
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