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Originally Posted by Blade{a} View Post
I used to use TM BBs exclusively, but I have since switched to 0.28 BB Bastards and they've been great! Although I find it odd that I found 2 deformed BBs in my first package - image below. But to their credit, I haven't found any others in subsequent packages, and TM is not faultless for deformed BBs either - it was just odd.

Does anyone know how pervasive deformed BBs are in general?

Wow, thats a brain BB. I had a report from someone else about one of those. PM me the details on where you bought the bag and I'll give you a deal on your next order. Also, do you still have the BB? I wanted a sample but the one kept it...

Also, it probably would have fired, as the BBs have to pass through a quality control sluice prior to bagging, or it would not have made it into the package. I've reported this to my manufacturer, but so far it seems to be related to only one box, which I've put aside.
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