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This is what you do, play some Paintball first, (I did a few times and I like it a lot) I'll play it a few more times before I'm 18 and get into airsoft. Just keep playing paintball until you're 18 and then sell your PB stuff (if you bought PB stuff) for some coin and then buy some Airsoft stuff.

For the "messiness" of PB, trust me, if you have Asian parents it's a big deal (mostly heat from my mom because she's really Asian about cleanliness, my dad is a bit more lenient about being dirty because he immigrated to Canada at 10 form Peru) if you're messy and your clothes are dirty. So what I do is get some Overalls from a local car garage or something, if their going to throw it out ask if you can take it and use it, or just buy some, their MADE to get dirty so it's no biggie if you have tons of paint stains on your overalls who's going to see it anyways, you're either going to be painting your house or doing some renovations in it (if you're the DIY type of person) or paintballing in them.

Just wait it out there's more important things in High School right now, well for me there's which University do I go to, are my marks high enough, what career do I go into, which faculty, how do I make money, is there anything else I want to do in my life, (how am I going to pay to get my private pilots?)

There's tons of things you have to worry about now I don't think you're going to have time to play, even if you invite some friends to your basement and plink there, some are going to be like I have too much homework, or I can't I have to finish a project.
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