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WARNING!:Long post!

what i usually suggest to underage people who want to get started is find your local indoor location and Rent, then slowly start getting kit, vest camo, goggles and everything else except for a gun and gun accessories. While your renting figure out what gun you like, and play with it a bunch to see if it suits your style. Even if you have your mind set on a certain gun try out a few different ones, for example i used to be like omfg i want an m4 i started renting it every game thinking it was godly then i tried a Sig 552 and realized that the m4 was the only gun i had used and that there were guns that suited me WAY more(its like buying a house but only looking at one and buying it) Also look around at reviews find out what features you will need for your style(indoor/outdoor) There is probably PILES of people on the forums who wish they had spent 3 or 4 months researching and researching so they would know about something that would bite them in the ass later on.
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