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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
I think it's HGI's avatar... was it even "HGI"...? Bah! It's too late, my memory's gone to hell.

These are the only two retailers that are worth dealing with for guns at the moment.

You will realise that there is not much available on the market right now.

Your best bet would be to age verified and purchase from another player. Good deals, pretty much anything imaginable is on there.

He said he was 15.

Originally Posted by Regan.S View Post
Hey okay I know it would be alot of money but my parents really want to do something because we haven't done anything alot so I thought I'd get into Airsoft. Would it be a wise idea to use gas guns? Also I'm only 15 turning 16 soon. I was planning to have airsoft wars with my friends too start if I couldn't get into actual ones which I'm doubting. my friends have armor and weapons each.
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