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Originally Posted by pzrwest View Post
When I ordered the mg42 thing from Kushman they shipped it to me as a plastic toy and as a gift and it came through with no problems at all customs didn't even open the box. Anytime I have something shipped from the US I get them to list it as a gift and under $60.00 and have yet to get nailed for any duty or taxes
Having them under-declare the value of the lot may not prevent you from getting taxed if the custom officer decides it's worth more.

I recall seeing a story about a guy who ordered a bunch of Rolex presidential replicas, the kind that a tens if not hundreds of thoudands of dollars, and got taxed accordingly to their real worth. Custom's way of saying don't import replica watches, I guess...

So long as you avoid UPS like the plague, you won't get taxed too much. Even if you get taxed, it's not that bad.

I always add 30% of the final value of what I'm about to import, and compare that to the cost of what's locally available, to see if it's worth the risk and the wait.
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