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Originally Posted by DC_ACU View Post
all i wanted was my gun back, and you havent answered your phone for me to tell you that, and im sick of wasting my time trying to get ahold of you, so i figured someone on here that would know you would simply just let you know...

i didnt mean to cause any feud on here, but i knew it would of turned out this way.
Originally Posted by Gump View Post
When i found out the real story, I told you i felt bad about the whole thing, even though it had NOTHING to do with me, and offered to replace the parts and assemble the BOX for free
You then started to try to make arrangements to get me to put the WHOLE GUN back together, to which I offered NO RESISTANCE
You couldn't manage to meet up with me for some reason, and I even told you it could probably be done in an hour or so if you could make it to my house
You then made arrangements with me for me to go get it from someone elses house, in downtown toronto, without ANY RESISTANCE from me
I picked it up a week and a half ago... maybe even 2 weeks ago.
DC_ACU, when Gump says 'comes and get it' you drop what you're doing and go do it. This isn't retail. You're lucky he's even taking the time to look at it.

For anyone out there dealing with Gump on a gun, this has simply driven me nuts for years, and I have seen it over and over again. If you rely on him to fix an extended problem involving parts, it will be on his time and availability, period. Its being done as a favor - full stop.

If you want your gun in your posession throughout, you take it to him, have it diagnosed. You drive there when he says he available, you sit with him when he inspects it, get his opinion and then take it back and book a date and time for repair once you have the repair parts in hand. You then go back at his convenience and stay for the duration of the repair and learn how he does it, which he freely shows people. If thats not possible, get it done somewhere else or leave it with him. If you leave it with him, again, its on HIS schedule, NOT yours.

Why is he upset? Your lack of detail about what occurred, the sequence and what commitment he made to you on it, and the implication that he was unduely holding your goods. Its an attack on his character and he and others who know him have every right to respond to that. You've gone after someone this community holds in very high regard and who is owed a debt of thanks by a lot of people. You on the other hand are relatively unknown and have no stock with any of us. Think about it.

You made the decision to take your laundry on this and post it on the boards for everyone to see, so welcome to the consequences of that ill thought out decision.

Since Gump's not going to do this anymore this is all academic.

P.S. This isn't a flame. This isn't anywhere near a flame. You've ended up looking foolish by virtue of the nature of your own post and you have only yourself to thank for it.
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