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Originally Posted by Yuxi View Post
Why did you not post the story in the same detail as Gump DC_ACU?
this is my last post on this subject, after this i cannot care any more about this thread, as it has gone WAY out of control.

my answer to this question is i do not want to be known throughout the airsoft community that i may have been someone that befriended atreyu in any way.
i did not see a need for that in the main thread, evidently i was incorrect.

now i will say it for the last time, for the record.

I am sorry to gump, for what may have been what seemed to some of you that this was meant to slander his name, or put him down in ANY WAY. i just wanted my AEG back, without any more delay.
in my eyes i dont see how i should have to apologize,
but im doing it anyways, just because this has gone FAR out of control.
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