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alright, first and foremost, i can see why your all mad, but why cant you guys read what i said? it was politely put, that all i wanted to do was get my gun back... gump i never meant any harm by it, i called you atleast once a week, just to see if you had picked the gun up yet, for almost 2 months, now all of you can take sides and flame me, but come on... all i wanted was my gun back, and you havent answered your phone for me to tell you that, and im sick of wasting my time trying to get ahold of you, so i figured someone on here that would know you would simply just let you know.

and i didnt feel the need to post ANYTHING about atreyu or heather because those two are just fuckin out there, the result of them charging me was delt with, i was paid back in full without any arguement, and that was the last of it.

i didnt mean to cause any feud on here, but i knew it would of turned out this way.
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