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Originally Posted by DC_ACU View Post
im sure any of you would feel the same way if your primary AEG had not been in your possession for the past half year.
Simply put Heather and Atreyu abused Gump's charity work. They accepted broken guns, FRAUDULENTLY presented themselves as gunsmiths, had Gump fix the guns for free, took the guns back and charged the end user. Thats beyond low class. It makes me sick. I've known Gump for going on 5 years now and he's fixed about 5 of my guns without ever asking me for a penny. I usually take him to dinner to show him my appreciation. For those in the community who don't know, he likes Pho and Korean BBQ.

When Gump does charity gun work, its ON HIS TIME AND HIS TERMS. How DARE you accuse him of being negligent when in essence he was doing you a favor. You know what Atreyu and Heather did. Don't transfer that to Gump as somehow being accountable to you.

Your issue is with Atreyu and Heather. One is in jail and the other is probably in hiding. If you have anything to complain about it is their behaviour and misrepresentations.

I suggest you learn to fix your own mechboxes now because I am pretty sure you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who will touch yours going forward.
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