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Seemingly by convenience, you ommited the little bits of the story that are most relevant, so heres the whole thing for everyone to see:
you gave a disassembeled mechbox to atreyu to have me repair it for you
At no time during this process, did i realize that it was for someone else - i thought it was HIS!
the repair was to fix the broken post that the switch slams against, and i repaired it precisely and perfectly
the bag, as it arrived to me, had a HOLE IN IT, leaving me to figure out weather or not I lost the parts or they were lost enroute to my place
the bag sat there for a while in the winter, and during that time, all this crap with atreyu went down. i actually forgot where the damned thing came from, because he never got back to me about it - very obviously, he COULDNT get back to me on it
the box was not reassembeled, as I assumed that the disassembeler could reassemble it
You were charged $60.00 for the repair by heather/atreyu - i charged them NOTHING because it was an easy repair
When i found out the real story, I told you i felt bad about the whole thing, even though it had NOTHING to do with me, and offered to replace the parts and assemble the BOX for free
You then started to try to make arrangements to get me to put the WHOLE GUN back together, to which I offered NO RESISTANCE
You couldn't manage to meet up with me for some reason, and I even told you it could probably be done in an hour or so if you could make it to my house
You then made arrangements with me for me to go get it from someone elses house, in downtown toronto, without ANY RESISTANCE from me
I picked it up a week and a half ago... maybe even 2 weeks ago.
And on top of all this, unbeknowst to you and everyone else in the airsoft world, the last 5 weeks of my life I've been training for and learning a COMPLETELY NEW JOB which has been very demending of my time and brain power.
Now I see this post on ASC.

My charitable nature when it comes to airsoft repairs has come to an end.
Your gun is going back to the place I picked it up from.
I will not take responsibility for the missing parts, as I have since completely cleaned up the exact area where the bag of parts sat for so long and found NONE of the missing pieces.
Anyone else who wants airsoft repairs from here on in will be charged at a rate of $200.00 PER HOUR, and if thats too much then theres lots of other places to get it done.
If anyone has an opinion and wants to share it with me, you'll have to contact me elsewhere, as I very rarely ever use this site.
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