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question about gump...

ok so heres the scoop...
back in january, my mechbox was givien to gump to re glue a post in it, and make sure it was in good working order again... i got the mechbox back about 3-4 months later, in the mail, in a bag that had several rips in it. the mechbox was completely dissassembled, with many pieces missing (tappet plate, safety switch, etc) so i asked him if i sent my whole M4 CASV back up, in full, if he could make sure the gun was in full working order.

it has been nearly 2 months since the gun has been in toronto, waiting for him to put it back together, and me to go pick it up.

i understand that he is doing this as a favor to me, but is it really a favor that iv missed almost half the season, because he is taking his sweet ass time?
i call him every 2-3 days, just to see if i can get a response out of him, to see how far along the project is, and he never answers, and the times that he does answer its very short and sweet, and he tells me 'i have free time in the next few days, it will be done then.'

dont get me wrong, im not trying to bad mouth the guy or anything, i just want my gun back, and in working order, so i can enjoy what i spent so much money on.

so what im wondering here is if anyone that talks to him regularly can get ahold of him and let him know that id like to pick up my M4, whether it be in working order or not, and instead of him fixing it, just give me the parts that were lost, and ill figure out some other means of getting it back together.

thanks for your time.
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