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WGC Shop review

All right, here's my review for the popular Hong Kong retailer:

I have had two orders with them up to this point. The first one went very well, the second was somewhat mediocre. You will read why.

Service: Great, replies to emails at a speed of 1 per day.

Price: Competitive but not always the best. Ehobby Asia has better prices usually.
But the shipping fee is crazy, but then that's because they are located in HK.
Express = Around $50
Air mail = Around the same as Express but little cheaper. But doesn't have tracking. No guarantee
Ground = Around $20, no guarantee and no tracking.

Item variations: Probably the best, a couple stuff I saw on Redwolf, they didn't have.

First order:
Guarder Steel Bearing with Double Oil Channel for All Marui AEG
Guarder Improved Hop Bucking ( 70 )
PDI Spring 130 for all AEGs
Marui 0.2g BB ( 3500 Pellets ) X3 bags
KM 6.04mm TN Inner Barrel for M4A1

= $116US or so + $50 Speedpost Express (EMS) Shipping

Ordered on a Friday night. They shipped the stuff on Monday morning and it arrived at my house(Burnaby, B.C) 6PM, Friday. So that's 4days. Very fast. Cleared the customs in 24 hours and since I wasn't charged tax, They probably didn't check it.

Second Order:
G&P MK23 Silencer
Systema Hop Bucking
Guarder Hop Bucking
2007 Gun digest catalogue(If you want me to scan some page for you, I can do so, but it's all in Japanese)
Intellect 8.4v 1200mah Battery
Quick Battery Charger for NI-mh and Nicd

$96US or so + $45 Speedpost Express EMS shipping.

Also ordered on Friday night, they shipped it the next monday morning and it arrived in Canada in just one day. Very fast but the Customs had it untill the next Tuesday(I started to suspect that it was seized)!!! They definitely checked my stuff this time, and arrived today(Wedneday). I was charged $44 tax, even though the stuff was only worth $US96. So Why was I charged so much? I checked the invoice and I don't know what the hell the guy was thinking but he wrote that my shipment was worth HK$2000, that's about $280CDN!!

So if you are going to order from them, tell them to write down the right amount of $$ for you, or you maybe charged too much tax when the customs check it.

I was also charged $8 for the customs ripping my package and check what's inside. That's fucking unfair.

All in all, it's quite good. Will buy from them again

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