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In my never ending quest to spend away my estate on interesting parts I found only two retailers that had the Smokey's stock system and barrel in stock. One was in France so I ruled them out, and I could not find any ASC feedback on the other. So I took a chance.

The company is

I am very pleased with how my purchase went. I sent in my order over their website for three items. I recieved an e-mail next morning explained that they had pulled the three items for me and found that the last one of the cheek plate had a crack in it and how would I like to proceed. I told them to ship me the other items and refund the money attributable to the damaged part. They refunded me the money (via Paypal) 20 minutes later.

The next day I had a tracking number, and the total time for arrival of the item was about 9 days. Items were exactly as described and well packaged.

Over-all I would use them again.


PS- Manchovie, I have another project for you...
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