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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
personally, i think they may have undersold their products and didnt make enough cash to stay alive, to make money in this, you need to seel for 200% of what you payed in... and to get any guns considerably cheap enough, you need to buy crates, so these guys prolly bought a bunch from crappy retailers and tried to undersell everybody and then went bankrupt in the process (just my approximation)

BTW i was reffering to not A&A, they definately sell for high enough :|
Wrong. They had problems with bringing the guns over the border (customs) from the US. They still made profit as the guns were still considerably less in the states then what they sold for here. About double

A&A imports their guns from China/Japan and to do it right you need certain licenses among other things to get it done. Which in turn is why costs are so high sometimes.

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