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Originally Posted by Pizza_Pie View Post
If you haven't bought a gun yet don't buy a sniper rifle buy an AEG you'll loose intrest in the game unless ur hell bent on a sniper
i am hell bent on being a sniper, thats the truth. however, i will get an AEG first, to get used to the sport and then if i ever do get a sniper rifle, i will be able to appreciate it more, such as the better accuracy and such. from what i have read, i am better off spending the mon ey on either a TM or CA as opposed to a JG (who makes TM clones). Between the CA and TM, it does sound like they are the better buy cause of the metal bodies and the high cap mags. Does anyone know how the mech boxes of the TM and the CAs stack up to each other? cause its one thing for the CA to be more durable, but if it cant shoot well then thats no good.

P.S: great sig btw, though i am unfamilier with the contex of some of the words.
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