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Originally Posted by .Andrew. View Post
I used to play scenario paintball and everything. Just moving to airsoft so i know ill enjoy it, i just wanted to makesure i was getting the right tryin to decide what theme i wanna go for..if its mostly woodland i think im gonna go with the US woodland outfit.
How do you call a "top of the line" gun that is smuggled into Canada, and fits in an overall budget of 300$?

A bucket of fail.

Seriously guy, 300$ is the baseline for a TM clone in Canada, slightly used. You won't have money left for prioritary equipement such as googles, batteries and boots, never mind the rest.

If you only listen to one thing, don't cheap out on eye protection! Even if you are plinking in your basement, at least get a budget paintball mask or airsoft approved pair of goggles.
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