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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
actually, ive heard nothing of dryden, but your name says its near hamilton, which i do know of... been there once to look for a house, got lost driving around, its like the entire city is built to make you drive in circles :P but if you live in hamilton, then you are some what near, not much further then brantford... i think
Not close. Dryden and Hamilton are essentially on opposite sides of the province. Dryden's in Northwestern Ontario, right between Winnipeg and Thunderbay (about four hours from each). Hamilton, is on Lake Ontario. To put it into perspective, we take a shortcut through the US when we drive me to and from Hamilton every fall and spring respectively (Mac student).

Originally Posted by deep in the bush View Post
aww memories..spend a lifetime there one afternoon.
You found something to do for an afternoon here? Please let me know about it, I'm dying for something to do.

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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