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Originally Posted by .Andrew. View Post
I havent paid for the gun yet, hes ordering it first...hes got two ak-47's right now for sale so he must be able to get them over the border somehow. Alot of people i know have done it.
A lot of people get crack and other drugs over the boarder too. It's called smuggling and it's illegal. The only legal way to get airsoft guns over the border is with a Business Firearms License, which is fracking expensive.

As for the website,

Would i be able to order right from this site? Or do i have to have some sort of liecence for this cause it said somethign about training/movies.
Nope, you can order right from the website. Be aware though that if the item is not in stock (best way to find out is to e-mail mark and ask) it can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months to get your gun.

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