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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
i realise this, and i can understand your reason behind what youve said, as not many kids are responsible enough to use these guns without fucking things up and getting their respective parents in trouble, as well as the legal problems that come with it, but i agree with you, i do need to learn more of the laws on airsoft before i pursue my options of obtaining these guns and using them.

also sorry for getting off topic, happens to me alot, i seem to enjoy talking too much.

and finally, thanks for not being a dick and flaming me, what youve said may very well help me, rather than discouraging me from ever playing the sport
Just take your time, if you really want to get in this hobby research plenty and meet with people. You'll be able to put money aside, and then decide if you really want to invest in this, because a pistol is just the begining of a long list of things you'll want...
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