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Originally Posted by wiinter View Post
good to know, than i think i shall buy a GBB pistol from 007 airsoft as my first gun, most likely a KSC G19 or a Tokyo Marui Socom mk23

and BTW, just had to say, while i that first part of your sig is awesome and i wish i had it in mine :P the second part, i dont agree with, i may be a noob airsofter, actually, havent even been to an event or bought a gun yet, but im not a complete idiot and i use "leet" or "1337" speak... with an IQ of 50 and under pretty much being the special ed children, whilst mine averages at 126 from 10 different forms of testing... i take offense to that, however i am sure you were probably reffering to those who speak only "leet speak" and cannot even form cognitive thought, let alone a readable sentence :P

yes, i am a minor, but i will be playing with my step dad for the year until i am 18, he and i are very interested in this fine sport.
What's worst, butchering the English language because you don't know better, or butchering it by intellectual laziness and social trend? The way in which you choose to express yourself tells a lot about you, but this is not on topic.

Usually at this point someone will tell you off about buying a gun since you can't legally do so. However, you'll end up doing what ever the hell you want.

If you were to listen to anything I'll say, listen to this. Before buying anything, show up to a game with your step father and get the facts. It's one hell of a legal commitment for him to allow you to use his guns (since despite the fact that he can buy them for you, he can't legally transfer them to you, they remain his).

Get informed, then decide. Quite honestly, if my hypothetical kid wanted to purchase replica weapons at your age, I would consider it, but there's not chance in hell he'd keep it in his possession.

Just remember that if you fuck up with it, he gets to pay for it.

Get him on ASC or on the field as soon as possible.
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