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good to know, than i think i shall buy a GBB pistol from 007 airsoft as my first gun, most likely a KSC G19 or a Tokyo Marui Socom mk23

and BTW, just had to say, while i that first part of your sig is awesome and i wish i had it in mine :P the second part, i dont agree with, i may be a noob airsofter, actually, havent even been to an event or bought a gun yet, but im not a complete idiot and i use "leet" or "1337" speak... with an IQ of 50 and under pretty much being the special ed children, whilst mine averages at 126 from 10 different forms of testing... i take offense to that, however i am sure you were probably reffering to those who speak only "leet speak" and cannot even form cognitive thought, let alone a readable sentence :P

yes, i am a minor, but i will be playing with my step dad for the year until i am 18, he and i are very interested in this fine sport.
"let us not be judged for the actions we take, but for the reasons we take them"
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