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Directly from the RedWolf Airsoft FAQ's
Is airsoft legal where I live?
Airsoft is legal in many countries, though their legality is still hotly disputed in others.

Legality of Airsoft and What Options Exist For Me?.

Is airsoft legal in Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Germany / Singapore / Malaysia / Indonesia?
For Canada, this continues to be a hotly debated issue but the short answer is pretty much "no". A lot of customers ask about trying to ship guns into Canada in pieces and what the chances of success are. Read our explanation. In short, importing airsoft guns into Canada requires either a firearms license or a movie prop license. If you have neither of these, then you can only order accessories from our site. If you wish to contact an airsoft gun retailer in Canada, we can recommend one - simply drop us an email and ask.

For Australia, you cannot import airsoft unless you hold a firearms license. If you do hold such a license, check with your local customs office on the documents you need to present when importing airsoft.

For New Zealand and Germany, you may only import SEMI-AUTO guns. Even if a full-auto gun is modified into a semi-auto shooting gun, New Zealand and German customs will still confiscate it unless you have a firearms import license.

For Singapore / Malaysia / Thailand / Indonesia, airsoft is very much out of the question and are completely banned, unless you have special government approval or authorization to import
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