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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
Empty tanks are meant to be disposed. It's a shame as they're a big chunk of steel which recycles well. I think the plants don't like seeing them.
NO....FUCKING....SHIT!!! Drives me freaking nuts having to feed both my small BBQ (yes, am too cheap to pay the $20 for the full tank adaptor, plus the $40+ cost of buying/renting a full sized tank) AND GBBs (ok, my KJW M700 too) with these small tanks, then having to toss them out. No way am I collecting the bastards then driving 20odd kilometers to dispose of them properly, I just throw them out.

What pisses me off the most is seeing that FUCKING FILL VALVE on the upper part of the containers, stupid easy to drop off at CT or wherever, they send it back and it gets filled same as a GBB mag, relabeled and repackaged. Like, why not re-use these things? Put a $2 refund charge on them or something and help us help ourselves cut back on landfill crap.
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