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Originally Posted by Trader 762 View Post

I pre-ordered a gun from Mark, he took payment, a little nervous, emailed him asking when I should expect delivery of gun.

Next thing you know, I get a delivery confirmation of shipment from Canada Post.

I should be getting the stuff I ordered this friday.

The order was placed on 14 Jul 07, if my memory serves me correct.

The packages were shipped out on 29 Jul 07.

He seemed to be on top of his game, it would make quicker shipment if you order a gun in stock.
The goods I ordered from A&A arrived just now.

The Canada Post delivery date was today and it arrived today.

Overall I am impressed with A&A, having not dealt with others for the time being, but I will definitely order more stuff from Mark.

That TM G17 is sure looking sweet and only 1 left in stock...
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