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Originally Posted by mr.ptrap View Post
Fair enough!

Isn't airsoft illegal under 18?
No, playing Airsoft isn't illegal under 18; It's just a commonly accepted age limit that's been adopted cross-country. There are not real laws for airsoft. I do not own my guns, They are property of some one who is of age, They remain at their residence when they are not in use (at Xtreme-Tactics, a CQB field that is 16+) They will remain her property until next month when I do turn 18.

Thanks for your concern.

(My whole point about using illegal pyro is that with the state Canadian airsoft is in... I don't think the whole "WE TAKE APART FIREWORKS AND LOAD THEM UP WITH BBS AND MAKE SHRAPNEL SHOOT AT PEOPLE LOLOL!!" would make us seem like the responsible people we're trying to put ourselves forward as..)

I'll italicize my opinion... Because some people have a hard time distinguishing it from fact.

I'm not going to say any more on this subject.. Because the dead horse has already been beaten.
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