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This is what I was thinking for a game.

Medic Rules
1- All medics must wear medic arm band at all time.
2- If player is hit with less than 3 BB he is injured and must lie on ground and not move for approx 5 min before he is considered dead.
3 - If player is hit with more than 4 BB players is considered dead and must return to respawn area. Common sense applies.
4- Injured players must call out loud for medics.
5-Medics must touch injured player for 15 seconds and count out loud before injured player can return to game.
5-Medics can only carry handguns.
6-Medics can kill enemy soldiers that are injured by touching them for 15 seconds and counting out loud.
7-Medical rules will be supplied to all players and medics in a laminated form by me.
8- Snipers wearing Ghillie suits cannot be healed by medics.
9- Snipers not wearing Ghillie suit can be healed by medics.
10-Any cheating will result in immediate removal from game.
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