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Dear savage Haggis

in regards to your posting about older players leaving the sport I would like to share with you some of our views.

1)Some of the older players have not left the game but merely concentrate their time in other commitments such as careers and family obligations

2) some choose to play with like minded players who might find some ASC games have too many rules and restrictions, there are quite alot of players that i play with now that don't like to play with the new rules so several years ago they chose not to participate in any ASC games and end up buying a piece of their own property so they can play their own games. some of these players are leftovers from the Hotshot, AMC era where there are little or no rules but a bunch of guys scrimmaging.

3)alot of us now have little energy or other physical disabilities that prevent us from playing the game such as bad knee, back pains etc.

I for one have never attended any of the new ASC outdoor games in fact the last outdoor games i participated in was Poncho's OPCT series, and the last indoor games i went to was hosted by the snow dragons two winters ago.
but as far as quitting for good IS NOT HAPPENING!

I think i'm going to be buried with my aeg and my newly acquired Jac (Yes Poncho I actually located 2 in T.O and in excellent working conditions)

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