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Originally Posted by Maverick0 View Post
Please don't assume that I don't play airsoft. You don't even know me. Granted, I may not have as much experience as many people on this forum, but that doesn't revoke my entitlement to my opinion.

Repeating that this is illegal is meant to deter conversation. A public forum isn't the best of places to discuss this sort of thing.

I tried to discuss it on our local airsoft forum and was shot down. I was frustrated at first but it makes sense. For one, someone looking to build an explosive device for malicious purposes could use some of the info presented here to make a larger scale device.

I should also point out that if Gryphon says this shouldn't be discussed, I'm definitely inclined to agree with him. If anyone's word has any weight on this topic, it's his.

Lastly, I never said these grenades shouldn't be used at games. I've been grenaded at games once or twice, and it was awesome. My argument is that the construction of these devices shouldn't be discussed openly like this. It's irresponsible. I'm all for discussion, I'm just saying this might not be the best place / medium to conduct this conversation.
Bingo, everyone is right, let the thread die and get stashed somewhere safe. While we are in no way talking about taping nails to the sides of propane bottles and trying to activate with cell phones or whatever, arguing about firework use for games (am sure this includes using Roman Candles to simulate night time tracer fire) in public is retarded and some things are best left unsaid. I call for a good cleaning and leave the compressed air or whatever one "has to back to pick them up in order to re-use them" suggestions intact.

BTW, there are some cops that play/own fields and they allow the use of grenades (as distactions or to 'blow up' an objective) on fields provided there is a low fire risk in the area at gametime. Othewise they are forbidden when it's dry out.
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