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Medic rules

AT FTF we have been playing with a suite of Medic/ Wounding rules based on the "In Country" rules.

One of the issues we have had is with the evacuation of casualites from the fight. In many cases it seems the Casualites are returned to the frey a little too quickly. So I wanted to figure out some way to make the effect of dealing with casualites more in line with the intent of the rules.

I have seen and heard of the use of bandages in wounding rules..

Below I have written some amended rules using a combination of "In Country" rules combined with bandage rules coupled with moveable but stationary "Aid Station"

I think that these rules will result in the desired effects of casualties, in that due to the casualty having to be taken to an established fixed point we will no longer have issues with " near instant healing"

In addition this will require units to co ordinate the establishement and security of a rear area aid station.

Any comments on these Rules are welcome.


The medic rules are designed to create a realistic situation in regards to wounded/dead players and also to force the commander to make a decision whether or not to disengage from combat based on the strength of his unit. This system allows all the players to remain together at all times and ensures there are no players walking to and from spawn areas.

Aid Station:
Each team will be issued with a Medic Kit containing a 10'x10' tarp and a box with a set number of bandages. The aid station is moveable but not mobile in that it must be established by spreading out the tarp and placing the box in the center. Once established the aid station can be used to heal casualties in the following way.

1st hit. the casualtiy must be evacuated to the aid station by 1 person. once there a bandage must be tied onto the arm of the wounded person, wounded people can not tie on their own bandage, only a healthy or healed person can do so. Once "treated" the "walking wounded" can return to the fight.

2nd hit. the casualty must be evacuated to the aid station by 2 people. Once there the bandage must be removed and replaced in the medic kit. Once Treated the casualty is "fully healed" and may return to the fight.

If the medic Kit is captured then casualties must follow the self respawning rules below.

If the supply of bandages runs out casualties will die at the aid station and must respawn.

**First Hit**
Upon your first hit (weapon hits do not count but remember gun hit is gun down, to "get an new gun" you must return to your ammo dump.), you are 'wounded'. The result of this hit is you must cease fire, stay motionless, and call for a medic. You may not return to fighting unless a fellow team member approaches you, and evacuates you from the fighting taking you to a rear area away from the fighting. Your team member must remain in physical contact with you while you move. You can not move on your own. Once evacuated you Mist be taken to the "Aid Station" where you will be revived and fully able to fight and can return to the fray. You are now at "hit once status"

**Second Hit**
Any additional hits from enemy fire after you're healed from your first, you are designated a 'serious casualty'. The result of this is that you must cease fire, stay motionless, and call for a medic. When a team mate arrives, you are required to inform them of your status.

The only way to be healed after becoming a 'serious casualty' is to be evacuated from the combat area with 2 people accompanying you. Both people accompanying you must be in physical contact with you. if physical contact is broken you must stop moving. Once your unit has broken contact and evacuated to an Aid Station you are considered healed. You may now act as though you have never been shot (ie you go back to 'first hit').

**If No One Comes To Save You**
With either your first, or second hit, you are to call for a medic. However. If a medic does not arrive within a reasonable amount of time you may begin to attempt your own respawn. To do this you must follow the directions below.

1) Once you decide to attempt this, you must stop calling for a medic. You are assumed to have died from your wounds while waiting.
2) You are to remain motionless the entire time. During this time you may find yourself searched by the enemy. You are to offer no resistence. You are dead after all.
3) You are to listen to the sounds of combat around you. Once gunfire has STOPPED, you are to begin a 5 minute countdown. If fire resumes within this time, even if it is a single shot, you must restart the countdown.
4) If the time elapses without any gunfire, you may stand up with your weapon over your head, and then attempt to rejoin your group.You respawn when you report directly to your commander If an enemy is approaching to search you and the time runs out, allow them to search you anyway.
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