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Maverick is far from what you people call a chairsofter, and is a valuable and active member on my team. Which just proves the quality of your judgement of people. Suggestion: dont make assumptions about peoples involvement in their sport based on their concern for safety and law.

In Manitoba, we have banned certain types of grenades from our fields due to being unsafe. Does that make every MB player a chairsofter?

Yes, grenades are used in games
Yes, therye fun and add a nice level of realism with minor risk to our safety. (sometimes)
Yes, theyre illegal 99% of the time.
Yes, they shouldnt be discussed openly on public forums for dozens of reasons.
That being said.. its also illegal to roll through a stop sign, or download a movie dvd. See what Im getting at here?

Although, I DO find it funny how people on here are so worried about airsoft becoming illegal, yet have no issues with discussing Publically how to build illegal pyrotechnics to be used solely for throwwing at people. Maybe we should keep the bomb-building discussions on the DL till the sports no longer in a grey area eh?
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