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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
... Lol

Please point out where I put in my OPINION anywhere there?

I put what I have been told by a LICENSED Pyrotechnic...

What you're doing here is taking apart fireworks (Illegal), Putting their "Charge" into another object (Illegal), and using them as a fragmentation device (Even though it's cardboard, all this is illegal if it's constructed by some one who's unlicensed to do this professionally)
Again, re-read my post. Airbursts are actual fireworks. We arent taking apart fireworks (only removing some of the powder from the unit and dumping it down the toilet) or transfering the charge. They are simply wrapped in BBs and cardboard.

This is the at least the second time (it was something about Poncho before) where you have stated your useless, noob, underaged opinion (yes, you assumed we we're using firecrackers; in addition, legalities are also expert's opinions). You're probably one of those people who scold people for ordering guns from abroad cause of what you've read and believe.

You got a problem with the thread, report it.

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