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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Wow, another chairsofter with an opinion. Then again its ASC where actual players are minorities.

OMG.. carboard shrapnel!!! Also, we dont use firecrackers. They're airbursts with reduced power (50%) wrapped in corn and construction paper and cardboard.

And I dont have an agenda against chairsofters; I only hate those with opinions.
... Lol

Please point out where I put in my OPINION anywhere there?

I put what I have been told by a LICENSED Pyrotechnic...

What you're doing here is taking apart fireworks (Illegal), Putting their "Charge" into another object (Illegal), and using them as a fragmentation device (Even though it's cardboard, all this is illegal if it's constructed by some one who's unlicensed to do this professionally)

... Anyone see any opinions yet?

(Here's some)

Just because you're being challenged and you really have nothing to prove you're correct you simply hide behind the whole "Chairsoft" thing. Good job, I believe the whole "Take your head out of your ass" thing has been covered already.

Originally Posted by Slick View Post
We all know the laws in Canada thank you. Theres really no reason for you to have to point out the obvious.

I think Koopas point is that if you dont play airsoft theres no reason for you to come in here and tell us if we should or shouldnt be using these at our games. Perhaps you might want to fight for the law a little closer to your home. Like stand on your street and yell at people who dont use the pedestrian crosswalks. Because J walking is illegal.
... J Walking is a bit different then making improvised explosives (Cardboard or not)

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