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although perhaps they are illegal, the grenades slick introduced looked pretty kool and seemed to explode at least better then the crappy paper ones :P
in a match, they could be useful, i wouldn't know from personal experience, as i've yet to play a match and haven't been able to find a good enough gun to buy (my standards are too high for Canadian tire, but my budget too low for Tokyo Marui) but the issue i would have a problem with, is potential hearing loss, this game may involve shooting each other, but it was not designed to be potentially dangerous to your health, that being said i realise that the actual guns can do much more damage, but they do not typically emit a loud enough bang to deafen or permanently damage the ears, but whatever the legal stand point, i believe that as long as they are not using grenades that can cause hearing loss, then there is nothing wrong with these grenades, as if you actually are seriously injured from these and they are not deafening, than it is your own fault for not being well enough equipped for the match.
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