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ok having my pyrotechnics licence.. i can say that making an explosive with any form of shrapnel (bbs..ect) or making your own explosives or altering an explosive.. is illegal

but if ppl want to go off and build/alter some pyrotechnic.. its no skin off my back cause it will be them breaking the law..

smoke can be bought from marine supplie stores and some firework companies but check with feild admins before using

explosives are dangerous.. the stuff you see in movies are under extreme controled conditions.. they are not just throwing explosives randomly.
they usualy throw a dud then have a pre made flash pot ready to blow

and that ringing sound when the !!CRACK!! happens it is the last sound those cells in your ear hear as they frequently die afterwards from the shock, so even tho it seams nothing bad has happend it has done some damage.

i personaly dont like the thought of having some joe blow home made frag granade powered by an illegal pyrotechnic..

i figure if you want a frag granade just buy one of the gas powered ones
just like the claymores or at mines they have out now

just my 2 cents
hello police watching us flame each other^^
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