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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
The grenades that the Kameradschaft have are completely illegal unless they are constructed by a licensed pyrotechnic...

1. Firecrackers are illegal in Canada
2. Adding "Shrapnel" to any explosive device... Lol Do I even have to mention it?
Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Wow, another chairsofter with an opinion. Then again its ASC where actual players are minorities.

OMG.. carboard shrapnel!!! Also, we dont use firecrackers. They're airbursts with reduced power (50%) wrapped in corn and construction paper and cardboard.

And I dont have an agenda against chairsofters; I only hate those with opinions.
Originally Posted by VipaMave View Post
Home-made explosives being illegal is not an opinion, its the law.

Take your fucking head out of your ass before calling anyone a chairsofter. Please do tell me where I've pretended to have any airsoft experience.

I've set off hundreds of dollars of fireworks and I don't think I need to play a game of airsoft to understand the laws regarding pyrotechnics.
Hmm he wasn't talking to you man don't take it to heart

hold on hold on hold on,Let me use your tone.
Sit the fuck down on your chair!

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Originally Posted by JŠnos Hunyadi
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