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Electro Dot Sight (a.k.a Reflex RDS Sight) review

This is probably the most common RDS Reflex sight on the market, and looks probably the coolest. So I thought you guys might want a review on it

So here goes:

On paper specifications(Manual):

[Manual, note that there's no Brand. It's probably because there are too many clones of the same thing.]
Fits on 20mm rails, obviously.

It also comes with:
-Lens cleaning cloth
-Allen Wrench for windage/elevation. adjust
-Lens Cover

Where I got it:
Ebay, simple as that. I can't track down the seller(who was from HK), it's been more than a year since I bought it from that guy. But there's probably still hundreds of these for sale on Ebay. I got it for $42CDN after shipping.

Got it through Airmail, arrived in about 2 weeks.

Looks and build:
Full metal, extremely solid. I can knock out a guy just by throwing this shit at his face. It looks very good and "aggressive/futuristic", but it's smaller than you'd think it is.

How this thing works: the lens is made out of a special reflective material that reflects light shined by the projector. So the reticle(a.k.a the light) will reflect back from the lens, thus allowing you to see it, but not from the front of the sight.

You put the CR2032 battery inside the power switch compartment. There are 7 levels of brightness for the reticle, with 0 being "off". Although this is the case, there aren't THAT much difference between 1 and 7. To adjust the brightness, you just turn the battery/power compartment.

[The battery compartment, you can also see the windage adjust allen screw]

To change the reticle, you just turn the switch on the back of the sight. There are 4 different sights, nothing confusing here.

elevation adjust allen screw.

Nothing to talk about here, really, since you can just zero it in with an allen screw. On paper, it says 1 click:1 MOA. No one's really going to try and hit a guy 1 kilometers away with a reflex sight lol. But anyways 1MOA deviation is around 1" at 100 yards, and 1/2" at 50yards.

Using it: Nothing wrong with it. Except for the fact that the reticle won't stay at one place the whole time. Well, this is true for all Reflex sight, as you move your head and angle, the position of reticle changes as well. This is due to the projection.

If you don't have a PERFECT eyesight, the reticle will look blurry to you. And I have a eye sight of 25degrees, and that's not bad at all, and still, it's as if there are multiple reticles on the lens. And I have to squint really hard to kill all the blurriness. But there will be less blurriness on a lighter environment, due to the light.

Unless you have a PERFECT vision/or have glasses fixing it for you, I don't recommend that you get it. It gets too blurry to try to aim.

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