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Originally Posted by pzrwest View Post
They look pretty dangerous to me. If that was to go off beside your head could cause some serious damage, powder burns, hearing loss, plus bb damage
Plenty of warning to get your empty head out of the way really. There's the motion of it flying near you and landing, the sound of a wick hissing, the reasonably loud poof of the black powder charge igniting, then 1-1.5 seconds later the loud bang. If you haven't a clue that a grenade landed beside your head, I'd say you have nothing to worry about as far as going deaf goes, because you'd have to be deaf not to notice it. The only time I avoid using the grenades is indoors, it's deafening! Ok, I've used it indoors against Warmongers, but they don't bitch about retarded shit.

And BB damage............... give me a break, look at what we shoot each other with! These things hit with about half the force of a Crosman airgun shooting you with 0.12g BBs at 30ft (my Crosman P99 springer shoots 0.20g BBs at 150fps). If getting hit by low powered plastic or natural lightweight balls is too much to deal with, why play airsoft in the first place? Go play laser tag and wear welding goggles instead. Or, better yet, wear paintball goggles when playing badminton, that might be better. Gotta protect the eyes you know!
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