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Originally Posted by Koopa View Post
Seriously, who are you? We played games with grenades where not only senior airsofters were playing, but also mods. This type of discussion is also necessary so as to create grenades that are not only effective, but safe and are fire-retardant, something our team has spent 6 months doing before actually using in game (as you can see, snow was still on the ground when testing began).

People will make and use these as long as private land/fields exist.

This is a discussion for people who play airsoft. Please stick to your chairsoft topics.
Who the fuck are you to follow my every post whilst mentioning the word 'chairsoft'? Lets not forget about this:
Originally Posted by Koopa
WTF are u talking about? If they are a scam, wouldnt they try to sell more popular guns? If they are a scam, would they claim their guns are plastic, not metal/wood SHOEI guns? Do you know what form of payment he made (most online are trace-able)? We dont need your chairsoft opinion dude
Home-made improvised explosives are illegal and using them on an airsoft-designated field does not change that. Aside from that, IIRC firecrackers are now banned in Canada.


(I have absolutely nothing against chemical-powered grenades (baking soda / vinegar)--but thats not the point of this thread)

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