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Just to let everyone know there's a rather cheap, inexpensive and easy fix for the Coleman propane tanks that have the retainer rings pushed in too far. Method with pictures has been published on my blog ( but I'll do a CC here. Click the thumbnails for larger images.

If youíre an airsofter youíre no doubt familiar with AIís propane adapter, which allows you to run gas powered pistols and rifles on propane instead of green gas. Anyway in Canada there has been a batch of Coleman propane bottles which have deeper depressed retainer rings. This causes the propane nozzle to stick as documented here and spew out the tankís contents.

Luckily thereís an easy fix for problem tanks and it takes about 20 seconds to complete. What you need is a 1/4-20 screw, a 1/4-20 nut, a 1/4″ washer that is minimum 1Ē in diameter and an appropriate screw driver. The approximate cost for the parts is less than a dollar and you put the pieces together as shown in the third picture.

After the screw, nut and washer have been assembled, screw the entire unit into the valve opening. You want to make two full revolutions and hereís tip so you donít over tighten on the tank. Count the number of corners or slots (for instance you want to count eight corners with a Roberson head) so you donít over tighten.

After the securing the screw in place, lower the nut so that itís firmly sitting on top of the washer. Next use a wrench or pliers to turn the nut clockwise till it makes 1/2 a revolution (moves the nut farther from the head), that will raise the retainer ring thus stop it from squeezing the O-ring which in turn gets lets the propane adapter valve move back to its default position.

In the second picture, you can see how the screw grabs on the retainer ring.

Once thatís done youíre set! Youíve just raised the retainer ring which allows the AI propane adapter to function properly again.

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