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problem with 007airsoft

Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and just want to introduce myself. I'm from moose jaw saskatchewan, not to sure if there are any other people interested in airsoft around the area.

I'm also relatively new to the airsoft world and I am beginning to love it.

Anyway, I arranged for ken to order a ksc glock23 for me, he agreed, saying delivery would take 4-6 weeks from payment. I paid immediately using paypal, Ken confirmed receiving the funds . Well 6 weeks later, no gun, and no replies from ken from over a week. I'll be filing a dispute with my credit card and getting the funds back, but suffice to say I was really looking forward to picking up this glock. Anyway, I was wondering If anyone knew anything that might shed some light on what may or may not have happened, and If there are any other suppliers in Canada where I could pick up a nice KSC gas blow back like this one.

Thanks alot, look forward to becoming part of the community.
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