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someone wanna explain?

I've been reading on this board and can't find anything. Some of my friends and I have been into airsoft for awhile now, were not too heavy into but we each own a GBB and scrimage on private property and in winnipeg at XT from time to time. Is it true we have to join an assosication to buy guns and there's only 2 certifiend dealers in Canada? Luckly I'm only 45 mins from A&A. I've heard that there some bogus requirements to join this assosiation, things that us "once in a blue moon airsofters" cannot do, like participate in games regularely. Airsoft is not a cheap sport by any means, we don't have full fatigues and equipment let alone full sized AEG's and the whole 9 yards. I don't know anyone in the Brandon area that is into it anyways. I'm just asking all of this because I would like to purchase another GBB, and one in the states at that which I'm reading is more and more impossible to do. I'd just like to clearify all of this so I can proceed with buying some stuff.

Thank you, Kyler.
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