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What do I need to take care of my guns?
What do I do to take care of my guns?
  • Keep them locked if possible. Treat them as if they were real ( mags separated from the launcher). It's a question of principles, and making sure the paranoid snoopers don't try to bring you, as well as the sport, down. It also avoids those frequent stupid mishaps due to mishandling... same rule that you use for your pecker, apply it with your AEGs.
  • Silicone oil, and other 'need to have' consumables to maintain your launchers (grease, and maybe spare parts if you have the $), batteries ( chargers, discharger, extra wiring to spare), mags (silicone oil for GBBs, I also use a tooth brush to clean out dust from my mags).

Anybody name places off in London to buy guns? (Low-medium quality, not looking to spend hundreds yet.)
  • First, get age verified. That will open up your options for purchase as well as your credentials.
  • Second, do not expect to be buying a respectful AEG alone. You need the batteries that come with. Plus, high caps and mid caps Mags have a limited place in some skirmishes/reenactments, so do think about investing in mags with the actual load outs.
  • Third and final, low quality guns = crap soft or even clear soft. If you intend on continuing or evolving with the sport, low-quality is a big No NO. At least mid-quality could survive for awhile, but don't forget that you get what you pay for.

On a side note, airsoft retailers usually deal off the web, so don't expect much off the London area.
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