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So, I've tried looking around on this site more so recently trying to find what I'm looking for but, havn't really found exactly what I am looking for and sorry if this is kinda in the wrong spot.
I'm pretty new to actual sport of airsoft it's self, as bad as you may think I have a tippmann airsoft ak-47 and few other guns not worth mentioning. I've used these guns in my room shooting random objects and I'm looking to get actual more into playing and taking better care of my few guns.
So, what I am looking to find out is:
What do I need to take care of my guns?
What do I do to take care of my guns?
Where in London (ONT) is places to play?
Anybody name places off in London to buy guns? (Low-medium quality, not looking to spend hundres yet.)

Thanks very much to people who help me out! (Also, to those who mention age and stuff, in a week or so I will be 18)

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