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Originally Posted by quaestor View Post
On a more serious note, I've fallen out of active Airsofting less because of the change in the community, but more because of changes in my personal life. As I get older, my priorities change, my time becomes more valuable, and Airsoft as both a hobby and as an activity no longer commands the commitment I can garner to make it worthwhile.
Yup, I know what you mean... haven't been going to games as much lately, mainly due to other priorities in life (wedding, moving, work, etc.)

Personally, I'm finding it harder to spend the little time I have on weekends for airsoft. But by no way am I going to quit, I just can't get out as much as I used to.

Planning a scenario game, hopefully I can host it in Sepember... lol

As for Meta's game, that never took flight, he's gone AWOL lately as well.
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